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. both sides seem to be understanding. beep says the job needs to done right and broadcasters like cbs, fox, and disney, already complaining the agency it was rushed. systems in place for this than what we have seen for, where the obama administration spent weeks trying to prepare the exchange while at the same time up and running. class aside from the obvious delay, how else will this be different? >> one big difference is testing. a beta version. technology will be demonstrated for participants in a mock auction. it will be tested before the sale happens. one of the big complaints about the health care exchange website, there was not an adequate end to end test of the entire system. >> thank you. next, the real problem with fannie and freddie. we will explain with josh rosner and will be right back. ♪ qwest time for chart attack, where we show you two charts that will make you smarter. first, fannie and freddie kind of got stuck holding the bag. by some measures, they may still be the only measure in -- only game in town. walk us through what we are talking about and
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1